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  Here I have collected and compiled all my impressions of China and its capital - Beijing and about all the other places I had time and no fear to visit:))
  What should I be afraid of?! Yet it is not Chicago and it is not even India, where I could easily roam about such places, the smell and views of which impress you so much that it takes your breath away. And while this I was never laid a finger on, though could have been eaten just like a portion of ice-cream.
  To say in short words - China is so much unique and amazing country that I was stunned and amazed and will do my best to stun and amaze everybody, who occasionally found my web-site in the labyrinth of the Internet.

  I think that China is the most ancient civilization. Probably only India can compete with it for the first place. We, European people, do not understand a lot of things in China, but this is only our point of view, from our "windows". We use to measure and appraise everything from our point of view. Being in China and trying to understand its culture and history, it is possible to understand a lot about humanity development.
  This is a very interesting activity and great opportunity to discover another world reality.

China glaze, China garden, chinatown.